• Noi Souvanna

    Noi has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years and has run Grilled Teriyaki with her husband Chris. Grilled Teriyaki mainly serves college students during late hours. Their new restaurant is geared more towards a variety of customers and the Souvannas are excited to run a new fun, fresh, friendly, restaurant inspired by their son, Phoenix.
  • Chris Souvanna

    Chris has been in the restaurant business with his family for over 15 years. When he and Noi spotted the location for Duke's pad Thai, they put a down payment on the spot within two days. The couple has been thrilled with the response so far, and look forward to the potential expansion that may come from this new location.
  • Phoenix Souvanna

    Concept Innovator
    Phoenix is the 8-year old son of Noi and Chris, and the inspiration behind Duke's Pad Thai. He chose the design, color scheme, and logo for the restaurant, and even suggested it be named after his little brother Duke - proving its bona fides as a family friendly restaurant.