Cola Daily features Duke’s Pad Thai


Cola Daily reports on our opening in our first week. Wow! What a overwhelming response to our mom and pop shop. We are so thankful to our patrons. A dream that started after a 8 year old’s vision has become possible ❤️.  Thank you Cayce and West Columbia and surrounding areas for your support!

Duke’s Pad Thai opens in Cayce, with noodle bar

Duke’s Pad Thai, Street Food and Noodle Bar has been opened for less than a week at 904 Knox Abbot Drive.. But the Thai restaurant has already become a “hot spot” during peak lunch and dinner hours.

Owner Noi Souvanna and her husband Chris had seen that the space was vacant, and put a down payment on the spot within two days.

She said she knew she wanted to make it a restaurant, but had no idea what exactly she wanted to do with it.

“My eight-year-old told me, ‘Mommy whatever we do, let’s have lots of noodles,’ so the concept really came from my son Phoenix,” she said.

Souvanna also said that Phoenix was the one who chose the design, color scheme, and logo for the restaurant. She and her husband then decided to name the restaurant after their three-year-old son, Duke.

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